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Explore the art of bagel making with Forge Baking Company

Take your pandemic baker self to the next level.

Forge Baking Company Somerville bread baking class
Participants at Forge baking classes. Gene Buonaccorsi

If you love bagels, but all your attempts at making them at home have resulted only in soggy dough balls, then Forge is here to help.

At this three-hour baking session, Forge’s head baker will meticulously lead a small group through the entire process. All ingredients and equipment will be provided, so all you need to do is come prepared to do some hard work.

You’ll also be fed in the process. During the baking break, participants will sample Forge’s various bagel flavors. Everyone will also get to take home a dozen fresh bagels, so even if the class didn’t go as planned, your significant other will be none the wiser.

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