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Geek out on Greek wine every Wednesday at Krasi

The Back Bay wine bar always has a huge selection, but Symposium Wednesdays runneth over with info.

A headless person holds 3 colorful glasses of Greek wine at Krasi
Linda Campos Photography

Back Bay boîte Krasi Meze + Wine Bar boasts the largest Greek wine list in the entire United States, so even if you know a thing or two about this historic wine region, we’re gonna guess there’s plenty you haven’t tried among this extensive collection of 300-plus bottles.

Wine director Evan Turner makes it easy for oenophiles to try new things at Krasi every Wednesday during his Symposium series. Inspired by the symposia of ancient Greece that convened leading thinkers for drinks and lively discussions, Krasi’s Symposium Wednesdays offer guests exclusive tastings, flights, and glasses of Greek wine in an informative, yet fun setting. You might learn about Limniona, a grape dating back more than 3,000 years that was a subject of written reverence by both Homer and Aristotle, and how it almost became extinct, for instance, while sipping on a recent vintage.


Turner, a sommelier who lived in Greece during his teenage years, has spent his 30-plus-year professional career extolling the virtues of Greek wine. There’s no better teacher in Boston—nay, the entire U.S.—for folks interested to learn more about modern applications of this ancient tradition.

Symposium Wednesdays are on weekly through the end of the year. Special menus and Turner’s written musings are available throughout the night at the bar at Krasi (it’s open from 5 until 11 p.m. on Wednesdays), no tickets required. Reservations are accepted, and walk-ins are always welcome.

Check out the Symposium topics below:

  • Oct. 12: Winery Spotlight: Biblia Chora
  • Oct. 19: Don’t Panic! White Wines with Oak
  • Oct. 26: Scary Wine Theme for Halloween
  • Nov. 2: Tell Agiorgitiko to Take a Seat. The “Other” Red Grapes of the Peloponnese
  • Nov. 9: Red Wines of the Greek Isles
  • Nov. 16: Don’t Call it a Comeback, I’ve Been Here for Years! Revived Ancient Grapes
  • Nov. 23: How Do You Say “Gobble Gobble” In Greek? Thanksgiving Wines
  • Nov. 30: Winery Spotlight: Domaine Nerantzi
  • Dec. 7: Winter Spotlight: Kir Yianni
  • Dec. 14: What Is with All the Drama? Wines from Greece’s Most Quirky Region
  • Dec. 21: Greek Wine Is the “It” Gift of the Season
  • Dec. 28: My Top Five Wines of the Year

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