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Publico and ‘Meals on Heels’ are collaborating in February

The newest edition of this food and social media cross-over is helping celebrate Publico's fifth anniversary.

Publico's Bolognese Boston Food Journal x Tucker Friend

Food influencer and creative Brittany Di Capua, or Boston Food Journal on Instagram, is creating the newest edition of her “Meals on Heels” series to celebrate Publico’s fifth anniversary, according to a statement.

Di Capua has been sharing images of assorted food and beverage items balanced on stilettos to much Insta acclaim. Champagne, sushirritos, Halloween candy, and even a full turkey have been balanced atop her impressive shoe selections in the continuing series.

Now, Di Capua’s latest presentation of five Publico-themed meals on heels will be unveiled Feb. 27 and displayed in the restaurant’s indoor atrium space. The images will be on display for the next few months.

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