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Run from robots at RoboBoston’s Robot Block Party

Artificial beings of all stripes will be doing their robot thing at the Seaport Saturday.

"Don't mind me, humans, nothing to fear!" An indoor drone flies inside the offices at MassRobotics, sponsor of RoboBoston. Jim Davis/Globe Staff

“These are definitely the droids you’re looking for,” insists MassRobotics about its Robot Block Party this weekend, in that way that people who make robots like to pretend they won’t eventually rise up and subjugate all of humanity. It’s adorable.

Ha ha! We kid our future robot overlords. In reality, it’s pretty cool that kids and adults alike will get to experience robotics up close and personal when more than 30 different companies and universities take to the Seaport with drones, autonomous vehicles, collaborative robots, humanoids, robot dogs, flying bionic birds, and all sorts of other mechanical beings available for first-hand viewing.


Part of RoboBoston, a two-day affair that also features a STEM Field Trip Day and a Robotics and AI Technical Career Fair — both on Friday — the Robot Block Party will mark the fifth time the robots have taken over. Er, the Seaport, that is.

“The world looks to our cluster for innovations and advances in robotics. RoboBoston is a chance to celebrate, recognize and share our robust community,” said Tom Ryden, executive director of MassRobotics. Robust robots — get it?

Demonstrations, hands-on experiences, and STEM activities will all be on the agenda, offering an opportunity “to witness robots walking, crawling, flying, and helping humans in new and unique ways,” according to MassRobotics. Although while you’re there, we’d recommend you be really nice to the robots and not make any sudden moves, just in case.

Check out the MassRobotics press release for more information.

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