RateBeer named this Vermont brewery one of the best new brewers in the world

Lavande, a beer brewed by Foam Brewers in Burlington, Vermont.
Lavande, a beer brewed by Foam Brewers in Burlington, Vermont. –Foam Brewers/Facebook

Here’s yet another reason Vermont should be your next beer destination: Foam Brewers, located in Burlington, Vermont, was just named one of the 10 best new brewers of 2016 as part of the RateBeer Best Awards, an annual slew of accolades from the online forum for beer nerds.

Foam Brewers, which was founded in 2016 “by an eclectic group of industry professionals with a shared appreciation for brewing, science, art, music, and culture,” according to RateBeer, ranked No. 6 alongside stiff national and global competition.

The top new brewery on the list is Bokkereyder, which is located in the bona fide beer mecca of Belgium.


“Considering there were more than 6,500 new worldwide brewers registered in this period, these 10 are an extremely elite bunch of the freshman class,” RateBeer said in a statement accompanying the list. “We look forward to many great years and beers from them and wish them our very best.”

In Vermont, Hill FarmsteadThe Alchemist, and others are consistently recognized for their stellar beer. Like those breweries, Foam Brewers’ suds are only available by trekking to the Green Mountain State.