Lyft gets OK to pick up riders at Logan

Winthrop, MA--529/2014--Plane take-offs from Logan Airport are viewed from Deer Island.  Scenes in Winthrop are photographed, on Thursday, May 29, 2014.  
Photos by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
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–Pat Greenhouse / The Boston Globe

BOSTON (AP) — Massport says it has struck an agreement with Lyft that will allow drivers for the ride-hailing service to pick up passengers at Logan International Airport.

The agreement announced on Thursday will take effect on Feb. 1, but only drivers who have passed state background checks will be allowed to make pickups at the airport.

A fee of $3.25 will be added to all rides originating from the airport. The same fee is charged to livery drivers.

Massport, which operates Logan, said in a statement it was still negotiating with other ride-hailing services such as Uber.

Those companies have been allowed to drop off passengers at the airport, but the taxi industry had opposed efforts to allow pickups as well.


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