JetBlue will test facial-recognition system for boarding at Logan

An attendant arranges the JetBlue check-in area at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday, February 1, 2006. JetBlue Airways Corp. lost money for the first time since the discount airline's public offering in April 2002 as fuel costs surged and the company expanded too quickly in some markets. Photographer: JB Reed/Bloomberg News Library Tag 02232006 Business JB Reed/Bloomberg News

JetBlue Airways will be the first airline to test facial-recognition systems with passengers at Logan Airport in June, part of a broader rollout of the nascent technology at U.S. airports this year.

The carrier will allow passengers on its Boston-to-Aruba route to be photographed at the gate instead of checking in with boarding passes. JetBlue will check those images against the passengers’ passport or visa photos on file with Customs and Border Patrol, and those with successful matches will be allowed to board without showing a ticket or a passport.

Joanna Geraghty, JetBlue’s vice president of customer experience, said the system could be a first step in a broad reworking of air travel, substituting face checks for travel documents at every step of the process: check-in, baggage drop, security check, boarding, and customs.


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