Island Creek Oysters has a new waterfront raw bar

Slurp oysters at their source.

The Raw Bar.
The Raw Bar. –Island Creek Oysters

You may have tasted Island Creek Oysters’ bivalves in Kenmore Square, at restaurant Island Creek Oyster Bar. This summer, you can taste them at their source.

Earlier this month, Island Creek Oysters opened The Raw Bar at its 11-acre waterfront property, an immersive farm experience located right on Duxbury Bay.

We want people to be able to come, learn more about Island Creek and about aquaculture once you come down, and actually eat the product in view of the farm where it’s grown,” Island Creek President Chris Sherman said.

The seaside bar allows guests to see oyster farming in action while enjoying locally-sourced fare.


“I think there’s a lot of interest for people to really start connecting the dots on this whole farm-to-table movement, and not just take the menu’s word for it, but actually get out, meet the people who are farming the oysters,” Sherman said. “See the place. Smell the smells.”

The menu is similar to that of The Shop, Island Creek’s raw bar and shellfish market in Portland, Maine. The offerings in Duxbury include clams, shrimp, and, of course, oysters.

“It’s pretty hard to beat eating an Island Creek oyster while smelling the salt air off of Duxbury Bay and watching them being harvested,” Sherman said. “It’s an obvious one, but that is definitely the not-to-miss item.”

Oysters from other growers in Duxbury, Plymouth, and Kingston, Rhode Island, are also featured. Seafood options are rounded out by a selection of tinned fish by Spanish brand Ramón Peña, as well as Island Creek caviar.

On the beverage front, a selection of beers, canned cocktails, large format rosé, and wine on tap are available.

“We’re offering a bunch of local beers,” Sherman said. Many of them hail from the Boston and South Shore areas.

“We’re kind of highlighting Untold Brewery up in Scituate,” he added.


The Raw Bar’s scene is set with an Island Creek Oyster food truck, a communal driftwood table, and a smattering of picnic tables, all set under strings of twinkle lights. When guests aren’t chowing down, they can challenge each other to lawn games or observe installations by local artists.

The Raw Bar is just one aspect of a larger plan Island Creek has for its Duxbury farm, a former marine research laboratory that the company purchased this past winter.

“Our goal is to turn it into not just our headquarters, but a real kind of hub for aquaculture in the Northeast,” Sherman said, “a big component of that being public outreach, education, the opportunity for folks to come and participate not only in the Island Creek brand, but in the larger conversation around farmed shellfish here in the Northeast.”

The bar is open Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to twilight. There’s no closing date for the season yet, though Sherman said it will remain open “until it’s too cold to shuck oysters.”

More information on The Raw Bar can be found by calling 781-934-2028 or on Island Creek’s Instagram.

The Raw Bar; 401 Washington St., Duxbury


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