This is the top spot for lobster rolls, according to readers

"Absolutely the most delicious monster lobster roll I have ever had."

The lobster roll at Quahog Republic.
The lobster roll at Quahog Republic, a favorite of readers. –Quahog Republic

Last week, we asked readers for their favorite spot for lobster rolls. And, boy, did the responses roll in.

Here’s an unscientific look at the very best lobster roll restaurants in the region, according to readers:

The clear favorite:

Quahog Republic
97 Spring Bars Road, Falmouth; 24 North Water St., New Bedford; 197 Onset Ave., Onset; 35 Main St., Plymouth

A seafood restaurant with four restaurants along the South Shore and Cape Cod was king of the claws.

Though Quahog Republic offers a smaller roll, many readers raved about the “Monsta Lobsta,” which it serves with a “heaping pile” of tail and claw meat “very lightly dressed” in mayonnaise inside a toasted brioche roll with lettuce, according to the menu.


“Absolutely the most delicious Monsta Lobsta roll I have ever had. Everyone should try it.” –Sandy Mitchell

“The Monsta Lobsta roll at Quahog Republic in Falmouth is totally AMAZING. My favorite on the Cape!” –ThompL

“The Quahog Republic doesn’t mess with this…meat, light mayo, and roll.  Enough to split or be ‘shellfish’ and eat the whole thing yourself.  A sure contender for No. 1.”  –Kimberly Thomisee

Lobster rolls at James Hook & Co. in Boston. —David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Runners up:

The following spots stood out, too, due to multiple mentions from our readers:

James Hook & Co.
15-17 Northern Ave., Boston

“James Hook lobster rolls are the best!” –Jim Weitz

“This lobster roll used to be a locals-only secret, but now it’s a Yelp favorite. This is the original legit, super-fresh lobster roll. You can have the fancy imitators…This is a true Boston original.” –Gene Fein

Red’s Eats
41 Water St., Wiscasset, Maine

“Large amounts of the freshest lobster meat. Tastiest lobster roll I’ve ever had.” –Ed Elms

“Red’s Eats is the perfect lobster roll.” –Lose Remerswaal


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Responses have been lightly edited.