Highlight of the season


Yesterday was only my third day of the season, but I’m already prepared to not experience anything to the level that I did at CannonMountain following this weekend’s storm, which dumped 22 inches of powder at Franconia Notch.


If you skied this weekend, you might feel the same way, whether you found yourself plowing through the four feet of snow Saddleback, Maine has seen since Thursday or snowshoeing through Battery Park in Burlington, Vt., which saw a record 32 inches of snow.


Thing is, we’re probably wrong. It’s still snowing at many mountains across northern New England, and though accumulations may not add up to the epic proportions that Saddleback has seen, it is supposed to linger until Wednesday. Wasn’t it less than a month ago we were complaining about a lack of snow? Well, it’s Jan. 4, and most Northern New England mountains are at or close to 100 percent open.



If you found yourself at a place like Cannon yesterday, where wind posed no factor in


putting lifts on hold, you understand that’s knee-deep powder that New England only gets every so often. I hiked over to Mittersill for a morning run, and found myself completely alone on untracked pillows of snow that were waist-deep in a few areas. It was surreal, a highlight of the season moment that’s going to be difficult to top.


But I’ll hold out hope.


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