India winter

By Sam Lozier, Correspondent 

Ski blogger Sam Lozier is spending a chunk of this winter in Kashmir, India with his friend Allen Taylor. He checks in today with some images of his trip.



The other day, in the absence of new snow in Gulmarg, Allen (above, center) and I walked into town. Our friend Matt had, when here previously, stopped into a clothing store and had a very durable jacket custom tailored to him for very little money. Intrigued, we decided to follow his lead.


The way out of Gulmarg to Tangmarg, the next town down the valley, leads past Mr. Kahn’s clothing store. He has a full array of locally-woven wool and silk for sale that can be made into any type of garment that you can imagine. I had him make me a pair of silk lined wool pants, while Allen arranged for a similarly constructed jacket to be put together. Mr. Kahn (above, left) is one of the more interesting locals that we’ve met. He speaks very good English and runs the shop that his father started in the 50’s.



He confirmed the rumors of Kashmiri hospitality by welcoming us with glass after glass of delicious tea. We’ll report back on how the clothing turns out, but I have a feeling I may have a new favorite pair of pants soon.



A partially-constructed hotel from the 1980’s. In skiing lore, it’s the hotel that Mike Wilson jumped off of in Teton Gravity Research’s “Tangerine Dream.” 




Wes Roon skiing off the Line of Control (on the ridge behind him is the fence). Pakistan in the background.



Oh, those French.


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