Ode to the snow god


Kids love a good legend. Look at Batman, Spiderman, and Santa. Perhaps it’s time to pique their imagination with the myth of Ullr -the Norse God of Winter (pronounced Ooh-ler).

Legend goes that Ullr loved winter and skied across Norway, he was so fast he kicked up a cloud of snow called the Aurora Borealis. Lore of Ullr blew through Europe in the 19th century like a Nor’easter. Skiers and farmers would pray to Ullr to bring bountiful snow for skiing and to protect the earth’s crops from the harsh bite of winter. Perhaps your little skiers would pray to the God of Winter for school cancellations.


Shawnee Peak will celebrate Ullr with a festival and ode to the snow god on Dec. 28. You can even get your own Ullr medal at www.ullrskimedals.com. Proceeds go to the National Ski Patrol.
If this sounds to Greek for your little geeks, take them to Sunday River to find Eddy the Yeti, Sugarloaf to ski with Amos the Moose, or Smugglers’ Notch to seek out Mogul Mouse.

Photo by Greg Burke For more of Heather’s family ski tips go to www.familyskitrips.com

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