Local companies to thank for Patterson’s wave skiing feat

Jake Burton figured out a way to surf on snow. So, why not skiing on waves?

Here’s free-skier and world class surfer Chuck Patterson tackling Maui’s “Jaws,” considered by many to be “the world’s largest wave.” Oh, and he’s on skis. No biggie. 

Patterson’s feat has made him an instant online sensation (the video was due to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning), and has made a name for Starr Surf Skis, an outfit out of Colchester, Vt. which created the skis in conjunction with McDermott Shapes, a southern Maine company created by brothers Andy and Ryan (whose name you may recognize from various Meathead Film productions).


According to Starr’s website, the idea of skiing waves goes back at least 10 years, probably longer. But Starr is the one putting it on the map, committed to “opening a new frontier for skiing, using waves as mountains and lakes as cross country terrain.” Patterson’s feat is certainly the high point for the sport. It’s only a matter of time before beaches ban skiers, right? 

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