The most wonderful time of the year

Usually around March 1, I’ll kiss my wife and tell her I’ll see her sometime in May, once the snow has melted and the lawn simply can’t wait any longer. After all, only two months (plus?) remain in ski season, and we have to be sure to savor every nugget of the best time of the year.

Face it, as much as we drool over powder days, there is nothing like skiing and riding corn snow, with the scents of barbecue and sun tan lotion hovering over the mountain. It can be bittersweet, for sure, as with the spring conditions comes a reality that the end is near. But it is for that very reason why we savor these days, for they won’t be back for another six months.


Oddly enough, many skiers and riders have already traded in their gear for the golf clubs, which is a sin I simply can’t imagine. While the season may end for the vast majority with February vacation week, the rest of us know what’s on tap. And after last year’s rain, floods, and early end to the season for many, we deserve it.

On that note, here’s a look at what ski areas in New England have planned for March, from $17 lift ticket deals on St. Patrick’s Day to Mardi Gras events and more. Golf in June. It’s prime time for skiing and riding. 

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