The ‘awesomest’ day of the year


In a Facebook post last night, Sugarbush president Win Smith termed yesterday’s sublime day on the slopes in Vermont the “‘awesomest’ day.” That’s just about as good a way to sum it up as anything else, for really there aren’t many legitimate words to convey just how special a bluebird powder day it was.

The winter storm that tore through northern Vermont Monday ended up as the fifth-largest in state history, and No. 1 for the month of March. With a total of 124.3 inches, it is now the third-snowiest winter in Burlington history. Jay Peak actually reported 42 inches of new snow yesterday morning. That’s Tahoe math. At Stowe, it was a mere 28 inches that buried Mt. Mansfield, making for a playground that led to permanent smiles all day long.


When I arrived at the Mt. Mansfield base lodge around 9 a.m., there was a clear buzz over Monday’s powder day and the ensuing, sunny skiers that Tuesday morning brought. The stake read 90 inches. There was but not a cloud in the sky. And the vibe that can envelop Stowe on days like this was contagious. After booting up, I headed for a warm-up run on Lord, then over to the quad to tackle Liftline. The snow was deep and immediately proved a harbinger for the type of burning my quads would be suffering by the end of the day. It was then over to Hayride, a spring favorite of mine, before heading over to Nosedive, which was still slick on the upper portions despite the bounty of new snow. In the glades though, there was still untracked in the late-morning hours. 

When I popped back out onto Nosedive, I was greeted by the face of a young woman alternating between laughter and gasps of breath. That was a recurring sight, a mountain filled with happy people enjoying March snow that Vermont had never seen the likes of. By the end of the day, my body was more sore from skiing as it had been in quite some time, and I was ready to do it all again, not wanting to let go of a day that will go down as an all-timer for those who enjoyed it. 


In the skiing community, there’s no word more overused than “epic” (Maybe “stoked”). But if the shoe fits…then, yeah. It was epic. Or, “awesomest.”


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