Why You Might See Angel Wings During Your Travels

Artist Colette Miller posed with angel wings she installed.
Artist Colette Miller posed with angel wings she installed. –Associated Press video

Los Angeles Artist Colette Miller makes angel wings. Then she installs them on walls around the world. When travelers see them, they are inspired to pose in front of them. She installed her first pair of wings in Los Angeles in 2012, to instant praise. She’s continued to make the wings, taking her “Angel Wings’’ project global.

Why are folks so touched by the wings? As one fan, Ed Glaser, posted to her Facebook page, “Your wing installations are cool. Hope they will promote peace, hope, and a sense of community involvement.’’

The wings symbolize freedom and flight, Miller told the Associated Press in the video above.


“People from all levels of society and all religions can relate to an image of wings,’’ said Miller, adding, “I think we all want to fly.’’

How did the project come about? Miller kept seeing angel wings in her mind as she drove around Los Angeles and decided she’d start creating them. She thought they might lift people up.

Take a look at 10 angel wing photos posted on her Facebook page:

Have you spotted her wings during your travels?

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