Freeze Frame: Joey McIntyre and Public Garden Visitors Hop Into Huge Frames

Nicole O’Neil, left, and cousin Libby Smith stepped inside this Boston Public Garden frame yesterday.
Nicole O’Neil, left, and cousin Libby Smith stepped inside this Boston Public Garden frame yesterday. –Nicole O’Neil

Heading to the Boston Public Garden this fall? Step into one of three life-sized frames installed for your picture-taking pleasure. Even singer Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block is getting in on the fun.

The 24-by-36 inch frames, installed Oct. 6 and 7 by the Friends of the Public Garden, will remain in the park for two months.

“We really wanted to celebrate the scenery of the Public Garden and just let people know we exist,’’ said Eileen Scafidi, communications and outreach director for the Friends of the Public Garden.

The nonprofit Friends of the Public Garden has existed since 1970 and cares for the Boston Common and Commonwealth Avenue Mall, as well as the Public Garden. Its workers prune the trees, care for the sculptures, and host entertainment throughout the year.


“Take a photo and share your masterpiece with the world,’’ is the organization’s message posted on a sign beside each frame, along with a request to use the hashtag #FOPG.

McIntyre did just that and his photo has been shared like crazy this week on Twitter. Other less famous folks, from sweethearts to bridal parties to best buddies, are posting their shots on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Nicole O’Neil, a photographer from Charlestown, added her Instagram photo to the mix Tuesday after posing with her cousin Libby. She was in the park shooting photos of her cousin when she noticed the frame and couldn’t resist. She said there was a line of people waiting to use it.

“I think they’re really great,’’ said O’Neil about the frames. “Everybody loves photo booths and things. People see it and are inspired to jump in and move it around and act silly.’’

The frames swivel 360 degrees so you can choose your setting — pose in front of the lagoon, the George Washington statue, and the park’s gorgeous willow trees. Or step into a perfect fall foliage shot by aiming the frame toward the colorful tree you like best.


You’ll find two of the frames along the edge of the lagoon — one on the Beacon Street side and the other on the Boylston Street side. You’ll find the third frame by walking the path from the corner of Boylston and Arlington Streets toward the George Washington statue.

“It’s really exciting that it’s so popular,’’ said Scafidi, who said McIntyre’s photo was a pleasant surprise.

Let’s take a look at some of the other peeps who have peeked through the frames so far:

Here’s McIntyre and son Rhys. “Back in #Boston…at the public gahhdens with Rhysie #fopg’’ he wrote.

O’Neil and her cousin Libby Smith:

Amy Clute posted this bridal party pic:

Alex Koutrakos from South Carolina gave his sweetie a framed smooch:

Paige Lian Copsey tried out a frame for size:

“friendship in a frame,’’ wrote Missalyss2 with this buddy pic:

“A masterpiece!’’ wrote Scott Ladewig, from St. Louis, Missouri, about his companion Kristin:

Some, however, prefered to stay out of the frame, content to capture the Boston scenery instead. This was posted by amira_87.

Another framed scenery shot by Kate Gundry from Boston

And finally, an ode to the willow trees by the Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

But we want to know, can you fit that large frame in a selfie? We challenge you to try! If you do, please share it with us at @BosTravelNews.

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