Six Boston Museum Photos of People Imitating Art

“Art imitates life, and Danny imitates art. #MFA’’
“Art imitates life, and Danny imitates art. #MFA’’ –dannyjsjr/Instagram

To quote our own Henry David Thoreau, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.’’ People are using Boston-area museums as their canvas, striking a pose as JFK, a dinosaur, a one-armed pirate, and more.

Have you ever felt inspired to do the same?

This woman proved she can be as welcoming as Samuel Adams at the Boston Tea Party Museum.

If only Danny had a top hat and a mustache. But we give him an A for effort.

This woman unleashed her inner dinosaur at the Museum of Science. Do dinosaurs’ tongues hang out?

mramos750 is doing his best John F. Kennedy here at the JFK Museum. His cheekbones are performing swimmingly.


You don’t have to wait until Halloween to pretend you’re an one-armed pirate at the Peabody Essex Museum.

This woman on the Freedom Trail missed her mark a bit. But she’s getting the feet (mostly) right, so we give her a B.

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