Does The Birth of This Snowflake Make You Wish The Boston Rain Was Snow?

The birth of a snowflake. Does it make you wish it would snow?
The birth of a snowflake. Does it make you wish it would snow? –YouTube

Are you glad it hasn’t been cold enough this week for all of this Boston rain to turn to snow?

You might feel differently after watching the video above — the birth of a snowflake in 21 seconds.

It’s so beautiful. Kind of like this:

A spider web covered in snow. —Harry Scull Jr./AP

And this:

Snow-covered roses on a Pembroke front yard last month. —John Tlumacki/Boston Globe

And this:

A horse grazed outside its barn in Boxford earlier this year. —Brian Snyder/Reuters

And this:

Kids ice skating in Boston in 1977. —The Boston Globe

OK, so this looks pretty miserable:

Folks braved a snowstorm on The Rose Kennedy Greenway earlier this year. —David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

And so does this:

This man shoveled snow off his car in Mansfield after a snowstorm in 2013. —John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe


Snow prompts Bostonians to save parking spots with chairs. —David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

Yeah…we’re glad it’s rain!

Traffic on Route 213 in Methuen was crawling during a 2011 snowstorm. —Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

How about you? Do you wish all of this rain would turn to snow?

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