These 14 covered bridges in New England will take you back in time

Covered bridges began cropping up in New England in the 19th century. At the time, the wooden structures were engineering marvels, built to protect the overpass from harsh weather. Without a cover, a wooden bridge may only last 10 to 15 years, but once covered, many of the enclosed bridges have endured centuries—and continue to function today.

New England boasts hundreds of covered bridges to explore, with many accessible throughout all seasons. Here are 14, in no particular order, to get you started.

1. West Cornwall, Connecticut

2. Saco River Bridge, New Hampshire

3. Cornish Windsor, New Hampshire-Vermont

4. Swiftwater Bridge, New Hampshire

5. Haverhill-Bath Bridge, New Hampshire

6. Coombs Bridge, New Hampshire

7. Stark Covered Bridge, New Hampshire

8. Blair Bridge, New Hampshire

9. Babbs Bridge, Maine

10. Honeymoon Covered Bridge, New Hampshire

11. Burt Henry Covered Bridge, Vermont

12. Creamery Bridge, Brattleboro, Vermont

13. Burkeville Covered Bridge, Conway, Massachusetts

14. Ashuelot Bridge, New Hampshire



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