Qantas denies passenger lounge access — over her Uggs

An Ugg boot. Do not attenpt to wear these in a Qantas lounge. –File Photo

They are divisive, sartorially offensive, and ugly as sin, but should Ugg boots be banned from airport lounges?

Qantas Airways says yes. The Australian airline deemed the so-homely-they-hurt sheepskin boots as sleepwear, and banished them from its business class lounges. This dress code caused a social media fracas when it was introduced two years ago, and it’s back in the news thanks to singer Joanne Catherall of the 1980s synth pop band the Human League. Catherall was denied entry to the Qantas lounge in Melbourne because of her Ugg boots.

You may now sing “Don’t you want Uggs baby? Don’t you want Uggs ooh?’’