A cheat sheet for planning a blizzard escape to the Caribbean

The mountains of St. Lucia are gorgeous against the sea. Not a blizzard in sight. –Christopher Muther/Globe Staff

There may be a keyboard perched on your lap today as snow coats the windows like melted marshmallows on graham crackers, but you’re not fooling anyone. This whole concept of “working from home’’ (quotation marks used to denote the ridiculousness of the term) as a new ice age descends upon us is as believable as that time Barry Manilow claimed he was straight.

Let’s face facts. No one is paying attention to memos from Janet in accounting today. (Sorry, Janet.) Instead, we are fixated on television news reporters standing in snowbanks or watching housebound children shove Play-Doh up their nostrils. As long as it keeps them quiet and out of the emergency room, it’s an approved activity.

A view of the ocean from inside a beach club in Barbados. —Christopher Muther/Globe Staff

One of my favorite snow day “working from home’’ activities is researching warm places to escape from blizzards. Why bother responding to Janet from accounting or shoveling 20 inches of snow off your car when you can fill your time immersed in vacation porn? Instead of getting upset over weather forecasts this week, I learned that I can fly round-trip from Boston to Barcelona beginning in October for 50,000 frequent flier miles on Iberia. That’s 50,000 miles in business class.


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