Eurostar launches direct route from London to Amsterdam


Eurostar, the high-speed rail service linking the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, has launched a direct route to Amsterdam. The service offers two trains a day, with passengers traveling to both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with prices starting at $50 each way.

The trip, which takes about three hours, allows passengers to easily travel from London to Amsterdam, on to Paris and back to London without the hassle of air travel. However, for those traveling only from London to Amsterdam, there is a hitch, at least for now. The return journey connects through Brussels, adding to the travel time. A direct service from Amsterdam to London is expected to launch sometime in 2019, after the British and Dutch governments complete an agreement that will enable passport checks to be conducted on departure.


Eurostar touts among its benefits: travel between stations located directly in city centers, onboard entertainment and wireless connection, and free baggage allowance of two bags and one piece of hand luggage. Information and reservations at


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