Inside Boston’s hottest hotels, from bleak to chic, and everything in between

At the Studio Allston Hotel, the lobby pops with color.
At the Studio Allston Hotel, the lobby pops with color. –Christopher Muther / Globe staff

Over the next two years, Boston and Cambridge will be flush with more than 2,000 new hotel rooms, some tiny (the micro rooms of the plucky Moxy hotel in the Theater District), others located in what will be the city’s tallest new building since 1976 (the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences). But as I write this, I’m not neatly tucked away for the night in a posh new building. I’m sitting under the watchful eye of a psychedelic owl in a hotel that was once a crusty Days Inn.

This was my first night in the newly renovated Studio Allston Hotel. The concept behind the hotel is art, and lots of it. The lobby looks as if Roy Lichtenstein and Romero Britto hosted an art orgy and forgot to clean up when they were finished. It pops in ways that Orville Redenbacher could have only imagined. Based on the modern, chic lobby, I imagined that my night would be akin to sleeping in an art gallery.


Studio Allston was one of the new and newly refreshed Boston hotels I stayed in this summer. I like to keep up with the changes in the city’s hospitality scene, and that requires a lot of sleeping around. Please elevate those minds out of the sewer system; I’m a married man.

A bedroom at the Studio Allston Hotel with art by Jay LaCouture —Christopher Muther

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