Rural Maine airport to get $11M for runway, safety boosts

View from Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway.
View from Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway. –Maine Office of Tourism

RANGELEY, Maine (AP) — An airport in rural Maine is getting more than $11 million in federal funding to extend its runway and make other improvements.

The money is going from the Federal Aviation Administration to the town of Rangeley, which is home to Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport. Republican Sen. Susan Collins says the enhancements will also help support air medical transport to the remote part of the state.

Collins called for federal support of the project along with independent Sen. Angus King and Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin. Collins says the improvements will be helpful for outdoor enthusiasts who travel to the Rangeley area.


The airport was once known as Rangeley Airport and it was built in 1934. It’s located in western Maine.


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