Sudbury-raised Paula Poundstone: ‘New England is just plain beautiful’

The comedian is coming to the Wilbur on Dec. 14.

“Boston crowds are great,’’ Poundstone said in a recent phone interview from her home in Santa Monica, Calif. “They’re my people.’’
“Boston crowds are great,’’ Poundstone said in a recent phone interview from her home in Santa Monica, Calif. “They’re my people.’’ –Michael Schwartz

Comedian Paula Poundstone, who was raised in Sudbury, said she is looking forward to performing at the Wilbur Theatre on Dec. 14. “Boston crowds are great,’’ she said in a recent phone interview from her home in Santa Monica, Calif. “They’re my people.’’ Even though she’s been on the West Coast for years, Poundstone, 58, said returning to New England “always feels like coming home.’’ We caught up with the mother of three, who earlier this year launched the podcast “Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone,’’ to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? I really enjoyed Lake Anna in [Louisa, Spotsylvania, and Orange counties] Virginia. The water was so warm [that] I could just jump in without losing my breath from the cold. However, it turns out it’s right beside a nuclear power plant. That’s why the water was warm. So, I don’t recommend it. I had a great time at The Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness, N.H., once. It’s right near Squam Lake [and] we rented a pontoon boat. New England is just plain beautiful.


Favorite food or drink while vacationing? I vacation for a week every summer in Manchester-by-the-Sea and I usually go through a couple of large boxes of Drake’s Ring-Dings. I don’t eat them all by myself. I share them. They are only sold in six states. I know, because I followed a delivery truck once. Also, my friends and I look at the clock at 8:45 p.m. at least a couple of times during the week, and make a [trip] to Captain Dusty’s ice cream shop, which closes at 9 p.m. I often get peppermint stick ice cream in a cone.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t? I’ve always wanted to go to Austria. I want to go to the hills that drew Maria von Trapp higher and higher. I’ve also always wanted to go on the Amazon River. I’d like to go on a boat on the Mississippi River, too. I have a lot of pets at home [14 cats and a dog], so I can’t go on long trips. For now, I’ll just watch “The Sound of Music,’’ and enjoy tub toys.

One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? I have Scotch tape in my carry-on bag. I often find a need for clear adhesive strips — especially for receipts that I tape into notebooks I have with me.


Aisle or window? Window. First of all, just outside the window are clouds and earth. It kills me when they tell you to close your window shade so that people can see their screens. There is nothing on any screen as amazing as what is outside the window. Also, when I’m on the aisle, there is always someone in the window seat with a urinary tract infection.

Favorite childhood travel memory? I took a lot of backpacking classes in gym class in high school that culminated in backpacking trips through the Green Mountains in Vermont. The trips were supposed to teach us self-sufficiency, and to develop us as human beings. They didn’t have that effect on me. I just remember laughing myself silly with my friend Virginia Longland on one trip, and Steve Coots on another. Of course, every traveler won’t have them [in tow].

Guilty pleasure when traveling? If it’s a trip where I sleep near an electrical outlet, I bring a portable DVD player. I like to fall asleep to television shows that I have seen a million times.

Best travel tip? Always keep a bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, Band-Aids, a razor, Q-tips, etc., in your suitcase, instead of trying to remember to put the ones from home in at the last minute.