Logan Airport was named TSA’s 2018 Airport of the Year

Logan is the fourth fastest-growing airport in North America, according to the TSA.

3. Logan International Airport
Travelers at Logan International Airport. –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

The Transportation Security Administration has named Boston’s Logan Airport the 2018 Airport of the Year, distinguishing it out of 440 airports nationwide.

“I think that it’s a very well-deserved honor,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said. “It is something that shows that the airport, within the TSA community, is a leader, and other TSA offices in other airports look up to Boston as a leader.”

The airport saw a 6 percent increase in passenger traffic in 2018, according to a TSA press release, making it the fourth fastest-growing airport in North America. In fact, Logan saw its busiest day yet on April 13, 2018, when it screened a record number of passengers — 75,620 — surpassing its previous single day record of 69,505.  What’s more, its average security checkpoint wait time of 9.58 minutes was the best in the nation during this year’s summer travel period, which typically runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, according to Farbstein.


Logan was selected by the TSA as an “Innovation Airport” in 2017, which means it was able to pilot new technologies. As a result, Logan became the second airport in the country to launch a computed tomography scanning system, which provides 3D images, at its security checkpoint. Furthermore, the airport introduced new automated screening lanes and has lead the way with technology that determines the validity of a traveler’s ID, according to the TSA.

Officials at Logan also detected a record number of firearms between October 2017 and September 2018 — a 35.7 percent increase from the the year before, Farbstein said.

“The trend has been, nationwide, that more people are bringing firearms to checkpoints,” Farbstein said. “So it’s good that they’re catching them.”


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