Logan Airport screened a record-breaking amount of travelers one day this month

Did you help break the record?

Travelers wait in a security checkpoint line at Logan Airport in 2016. –Katherine Taylor for The Boston Globe/file 2016

If you traveled through Logan Airport earlier this month and it felt a bit crowded, you may have helped set a record.

Travelers who flew out of Logan on April 12 — notably, the Friday that kickstarted spring break for local schools — helped break the record for the most passengers to go through the airport’s security screening process in a single day, according to a Transportation Security Administration statement.

On April 12, Logan saw 77,451 passengers screened, shattering the previous record of 75,760 passengers screened on April 13, 2018, the TSA reported.

TSA officials anticipate that “a large volume of passengers will continue into the spring and summer,” and therefore recommend that travelers arrive at the airport two hours before their flights, according to the statement.