Here’s how many checked bags JetBlue, Delta, others mishandled in June, according to the Department of Transportation

JetBlue mishandled about six checked bags per 1,000 in June.

Plane take-offs from Logan Airport are viewed from Deer Island.
A plane taking off from Logan Airport. –Pat Greenhouse/Globe staff/file

Many popular airlines at Logan Airport mishandled thousands of pieces of checked luggage in June, according to a Department of Transportation (DOT) report.

Out of the 17 reporting U.S. carriers, the mishandled baggage rate was about seven mishandled bags per 1,000 checked bags in June, higher than May’s rate of about six mishandled bags per 1,000 checked bags, according to DOT.

The number of mishandled bags, according to DOT, represents “check bags that are damaged, delayed, and pilfered, as reported by or on behalf of the passenger, that were in the airline’s custody for its reportable domestic nonstop scheduled passenger flights.”


JetBlue, Logan’s largest carrier, mishandled about six bags per 1,000 in June (6,684 out of 1,129,792), according to DOT’s August air travel consumer report. Both Southwest and Delta Air Lines Network mishandled about five checked bags per 1,000 in June (55,354 checked bags out of 10,955,788 for Southwest and 40,009 checked bags out of 7,386,180 for Delta).

One of the worst offenders was American Airlines, which mishandled about 11 checked bags per 1,000 enplaned in June (72,725 checked bags out of 6,434,082).

You can view the report here.