Uber and Lyft changes come to Logan Airport soon. Here’s what travelers should know.

“We want to provide a better experience for all of our customers, and we think this plan achieves that goal.”

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff/2017

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Changes to how travelers arrive at and leave from Logan Airport using apps like Uber and Lyft will begin to take hold next week.

The new, centralized system, approved in April, will be phased in between Oct. 28 and the beginning of December, according to Massport.

Officials say a communication plan to alert travelers about the shift includes messaging Uber and Lyft drivers and passengers through the popular apps, new signage, and an advertising campaign.

“As a robust economy continues to drive Logan Airport passenger growth, we need to move Ride App operations to the new centralized location to help alleviate congestion on our roadways, the tunnels and in the surrounding communities,” Massport CEO Lisa Wieland said in a statement. “We want to provide a better experience for all of our customers, and we think this plan achieves that goal.”


Here’s what’s happening:

What to know about getting a ride from Logan:

Starting Monday, Oct. 28, all passengers using a ride sharing app to leave the airport through terminals A or C will be able to find their drivers in a dedicated zone in the Central Parking garage, according to officials.

“Departing passengers will still be dropped off at the terminal curb, and passengers arriving at terminals B and E will still use the existing terminal ride app locations,” Massport said.

A week after those initial changes take hold, the same will happen for Uber and Lyft users seeking a ride leaving Logan from terminals B and E, Massport said.

Those passengers will be directed to pick-up locations in Central Parking starting Nov. 4.

What to know about being dropped off at Logan:

Beginning on Nov. 11, all ride sharing app drop-offs at the airport made between 4 and 10 a.m. will move from the upper to the lower level terminal curbs, officials said.

From Dec. 9 onward, all drop-offs at Logan, unless between 4 and 10 a.m., will be made at the Central Parking garage, according to Massport.

A new $3.25 drop-off fee for Uber and Lyft will also start on that day, as will a discounted fee of $1.50 for riders who opt to share their rides with other passengers, Massport said.

What to know about the new pick-up and drop-off location:

With ride sharing app services moving to the Central Parking garage, Massport says Uber and Lyft passengers should expect shorter wait times.


The dedicated zones, which will be heated in the winter, will also offer Sky Cap services such as checked baggage for domestic flights and wheelchair assistance, according to officials.

The areas will be ADA-compliant, although passengers with disabilities “can choose to be dropped off and picked up at the terminal curbs,” Massport said in a statement.

“Today, no matter the weather, Uber and Lyft passengers at Logan Airport are being picked up in undersized lots with minimal coverage from the elements,” the agency said. “The new, dedicated areas located in Central Parking are weather-protected, safer and more efficient, and with less congestion, the overall trip time for all passengers is expected to be shorter. By creating a new Ride App area in Central Parking, we are able to add amenities to improve the passenger experience and the walking distance to the terminals is the same as if a passenger parked their car.”

The changes come as Logan Airport updates terminals and renovates roadways in a series of projects slated for the coming years, officials said.


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