New England has the most beautiful forest in the U.S., according to Fodor’s Travel

It has plenty of personality, according to the publication.

The view from Mount Willard in New Hampshire's White Mountains. DAWN SULLIVAN FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE

The most beautiful forest in the U.S. has plenty of personality and is located right here in New England, according to Fodor’s Travel.

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New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest ranked No. 1 on the publication’s list of the 10 most beautiful forests in the U.S., released on Tuesday. Another New England forest made the list as well: Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest came in at No. 8.

“A complete list of the most important forests in the United States would be every single forest – these are just a few of the most gorgeous ones the country has to offer,” wrote Fodor’s editors.


Here is what the publication had to say about the White Mountains:

White Mountain National Forest is located in eastern New Hampshire (and western Maine) and throughout it you will find alpine peaks, hardwood forests, lakes, streams, and a vast variety of wildlife. It’s known for being some of the most untamed country of the Northeast. It’s also known for having some of the world’s worst weather conditions, with excessive wind speeds and snowfall–this forest certainly has a personality, and sometimes that personality is “frightening.” It’s gorgeous though, too, with maple, oak, and birch trees scattered about at low elevations, spruces and firs in the higher elevations.

And here’s what the editors noted about Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest:

This forest has comically gorgeous forest situations, at all points of the year–we’re talking full winter wonderland during the coldest months of the year and leaf peeping foliage heaven during the fall months, making whenever you visit the perfect time for views. Much like many other New England woodland areas, it is a temperate broadleaf and mixed forest with plenty of wildlife–beavers, moose, and wild turkeys all roam around amongst the trees.

View the publication’s list of 10 most beautiful forests in the U.S. here.


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