We asked for your best photos of spring. Here are our favorites. readers share their most beautiful spring flower photos.

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If you’ve taken a stroll outside — or even a scroll through your social feed — you’ve likely seen daffodils and cherry blossoms in full bloom. 

This time of year is perfect to explore the outdoors, mark a new beginning, and can even spark new ideas. For author and Love Letters columnist Meredith Goldstein, The Mount, Edith Wharton’s Home in Lenox served as inspiration for her latest YA novel and Book Club’s current read, “Things That Grow.” 

The story follows the main character, Lori, who travels to gardens throughout Massachusetts to honor her late grandmother’s final wish, and learns about love and loss along the way. Goldstein said during a recent interview with The Berkshire Edge that The Mount was “the most important setting in the book.”


So, we asked readers to share their favorite public gardens and send us their best photos of flowers in bloom this time of year. Many responded with breathtaking shots along Commonwealth Avenue or the Boston Common. Others shared scenes outside of the city, and even gave us a peek from Maine to Rhode Island. 

And if you’re simply looking to visit a new garden, a handful of readers let us in on their favorite spots. Anabel recommended making a trip to Shelburne for The Bridge of Flowers, and wrote, “A bit out of Boston, but a beautiful spot on a sunny afternoon.” @marialana6 shared to our Instagram that Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston was worth a visit, @wendlevy recommended the Kelleher Rose Garden near the Museum of Fine Arts, and @cjburnett recommended visiting Somerville Community Growing Center near Union Square. 

For a virtual experience of beautiful flowers (hello, allergies), ahead, we feature 14 beautiful shots of spring in all its glory from readers.

Kathie Flatley submitted her flower photo taken in Manchester. reader Ashwini submitted a tree in bloom along the Charles River.


Anabel Graetz snapped a shot of daffodils in Lexington.

Beth Reardon share her view from South Hadley.

Karyl Lipson shares a pop of purple from Holden.

“I took this photo of a blooming tree yesterday, in front of the Newburyport City Hall building,” Katherine Tanner wrote.

Tamsen Towle, of Arlington, submitted a spring view from Peaks Island, Maine.

Kathleen O’Brien sent a shot of a birds nest in a blooming tree from North Smithfield, R.I.

John Collins sent his “spring beauty” photo.

Dave Hansel shared his view of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston’s Back Bay.

Valerie Beaudrault took this shot on William Street in Cambridge.

Eric Donati snapped this shot with the George Washington statue in the Boston Common back in 2019.

“Commonwealth Ave. was the best place in town today to capture some [magnolias]!” Prateek Joshi wrote.


Estephen Saliba wrote, “wanted to share this beautiful pic of the cherry blossoms we took today on the esplanade!”

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