Study: Brown-nosing keeps you healthy

Sucking up to the boss may not only win you a promotion, but it can also keep you healthy.

So concludes a new study from the Journal of Management Studies, which suggests that shrewd sycophancy can be a brilliant career move.

And the flip side of that finding is that employees who don’t fawn and toady can become angst-ridden as they fret about their workplace futures.

“Politically savvy professionals who use ingratiation as a career aid’’ may avoid the “psychological distress that comes to others who are less cunning about their workplace behavior,’’ the journal said in a press release.


Employees who don’t use the “coping skill of ingratiation’’ risk ostracism in the workplace, and “ostracized employees experience more job tension, emotional exhaustion, and depressed mood at work,’’ the journal said.

So the next time the workplace has got you down, say something to the boss like, “Gee, have you lost a whole bunch of weight?’’

It could be good for your own morale as well as the boss’s.


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