N.H. GOP chair hits Obama over economy

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball this morning hammered President Obama’s economic record, echoing the themes of a new ad released by the Republican National Committee.

Kimball was one of 13 Republican Party chairmen around the country who held media events aimed at bolstering the GOP contention that Obama has failed to create jobs or improve the economy.

“I firmly believe the 2012 economy will come down to the president’s failure to lead on the economy, and he’ll lose election primarily because of it,’’ Kimball said in a phone call to the Globe immediately after a press conference in Concord, N.H.


The new ad by the Republican National Committee criticizes Obama for his federal stimulus package, health care overhaul, and handling of the economy.

Over images of car and train wrecks, the ad states, “Six million foreclosures, $14 trillion in debt, $500 billion in higher taxes, and the worst long-term unemployment in generations. Don’t let Obama drive us to disaster. Change direction.’’

Kimball said New Hampshire has lost 9,600 jobs since Obama took office and 5,700 jobs since his stimulus package passed.

During the first six months of Obama’s term, the country was in a recession, and the stimulus package passed one month into his presidency.

“No one should be surprised that the Republican Party, much like its candidates for president, are trying to mislead voters about the state of the economy,’’ said Brad Woodhouse, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. “While the president continues to fight to clean up an economic mess that was years in the making, Republicans would rather run negative ads than offer positive ideas.’’

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