Temps expected to climb up near 100 today, before the heat wave begins to wane

Although this morning’s cooler weather offered a break from Friday’s record-tying temperature of 103 degrees, don’t get too comfortable: As the sun returns, temperatures are creeping back up, with a forecasted high of 98 degrees in Boston this afternoon.

The heat is likely to peak around 4 p.m., but today should be the last day of the heat wave, which began Wednesday. There is a slight chance of another thunderstorm this afternoon or evening, said Kim Buttrick, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Taunton.

Sunday promises to be cooler and drier, with a high of 84 degrees. That high is more typical for late July, Buttrick said.


“So even though it will feel cooler, it’s actually going to be normal,’’ she said.

There was good news this morning for beachgoers. Two of the three beaches whose waters were deemed unsafe to swim in because of high bacteria levels now have been posted as safe by the state Department of Conservation Services. New water samples taken at Revere Beach and Nahant Beach tested clean, said S.J. Port, department spokeswoman.

“With tides coming in and out, and those are both very active beaches,’’ she said. “The bacteria counts can change very quickly.’’

However, water samples at King’s Beach in Lynn still contained high levels of bacteria and the DCR was advising people not to swim there. Port said it was unlikely that King’s Beach would be deemed safe this weekend.

“Because of the way the beach is situated, water is not as active there,’’ she said.

The DCR tests beaches weekly. Water samples at the beaches Thursday came back Friday morning, showing high levels of bacteria.

Officials posted orange flags on the three beaches, warning beachgoers that the water could make them sick. The new water samples, taken Friday, came back this morning.

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