Lawrence man charged with severely injuring, blinding his infant son

A Lawrence man was arraigned today on charges that he inflicted severe brain injuries on his infant son that left the boy blind.

Emanuel M. Quadros, 32, pleaded not guilty in Lawrence District Court to charges that included assault and battery on a child under 14 causing substantial injury. He is being held in lieu of $75,000 cash bail. His next court date is Sept. 9.

Quadros told investigators that on May 18, he dropped his three-week-old son, Jackson Quadros, and panicked when the child became unconscious, Lawrence Police Chief John Romero said.

Quadros said he then ran into another room, placed the child on the bed, slapped the child multiple times, and bounced him up and down while holding the child under his arms, Romero said.


The infant suffered several broken ribs, fractures in his right leg, and severe brain injuries. He was initially taken to Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, and transferred to Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Jackson has since been removed from a ventilator and has been transferred to a nursing home, but he is blind because of his injuries, and his future is uncertain due to complications from the incident, Romero said.

“The prognosis is that the child will be wheelchair-bound,’’ he said.

Romero said Emanuel Quadros had described the incident to investigators on Tuesday. Quadros was arrested after making the statements.

Earlier in the investigation, Quadros had blamed his wife, Pamela Cook, for his son’s injuries.

The incident remains under investigation.

“Sadly, we’ve had a number of cases over the years involving young children who have been beaten,’’ Romero said. “It shouldn’t happen at all, but we do see this from time to time.’’

Steve Van Dyke, attorney for Quadros, declined to comment on the incident.