Obama supporters celebrate his birthday

Bigshot Obama supports gathered at Lydia Shire’s Towne Stove and Spirits to celebrate the president’s 50th birthday this week. Partisans at the party, which also served as a fundraiser, included city councilor Mike Ross, Cambridge city councilor Leland Cheung, Harvard Med School’s Dr. Vivek Murthy, Gen44 Boston co-chair Jared Milrad, lobbyist Sean Curran, MassEquality’s Dee Dee Edmonson, and attorneys Kwabena Abboa-Offei, Natalie Wagner, Noah Shaw, Joseph Hanley and Steve Ryan…Dining at Towne the next night were owner Patrick Lyons, Larry David, Celts coach Doc Rivers, chefs Ming Tsai and Ken Oringer, Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, and former Dolphins player Nat Moore.

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