TripAdvisor lists most desirable vacation-rental amenities. Personal chef, anyone?

Wall Street’s wild ride may have folks thinking about other things than snazzy vacations, but for hearty souls who dare to travel — and expense be damned — TripAdvisor has put together a list of desirable vacation-property amenities that are sure to brighten up any road trip.

In this day and age when folks want to stay connected, you might think that Wi-Fi Internet access would be a must for the discerning pleasure traveler, but a survey of more than 1,000 vacationers revealed that having a rental property with a full kitchen and access to a private beach rated higher, said TripAdvisor, a travel review website with headquarters in Newton.


The firm’s survey asked respondents to select amenities that make a rental property most attractive to them. Among amenities cited were vacation rentals equipped with game rooms and tennis courts — not to mention rentals that put a personal chef at a guest’s disposal or a home accessorized with a backyard putting green.

TripAdvisor offers a number of features to consumers who visit its website, including one with more than 125,000 vacation rental listings available worldwide at

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