Brown campaign consultant registers a ‘Queen Elizabeth Warren’ website

Turns out “Crazy Khazei’’ may have company, “Queen Elizabeth Warren.’’

Scott Brown’s campaign acknowledged tonight that one of its consultants, Rob Willington, had registered the domain name The campaign has not put the website to use and would not say whether it planned to do so in the future or comment further on the matter.

A post on the liberal website, Blue Mass Group, first reported the likely link to the campaign this afternoon.

The Brown campaign drew attention in recent weeks when consultant Eric Fehrnstrom, a key adviser to both Brown and Mitt Romney, was unmasked as the man behind a series of tweets mocking Democratic challenger Alan Khazei, using the pseudonym Crazy Khazei.


Willington had also registered the domain name, but did not put it to use.

Elizabeth Warren, a former adviser to President Obama, appears to be getting ready to make her own entry into the Democratic US Senate primary and Republicans are tagging her as a Harvard elitist, an attack line the “queen’’ moniker might serve to further.

Such opposition websites are nothing new, though they are often aimed more at policy positions than personal qualities.

A union-backed group, Mass Uniting, uses the website BobbleHeadScottBrown to go after the Republican senator.

Democrats went after Charles D. Baker in the recent governor’s election with two sites: and

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