Local billboards to commemorate 9/11

Clear Channel Outdoor-Boston said its digital billboards will observe a “digital moment of silence’’ Sunday morning to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Image courtesy of Clear Channel Outdoor-Boston.Image courtesy of Clear Channel Outdoor-Boston.

Technically speaking, Clear ChannelOutdoor-Boston’s digital moment of silence will last a bit more than hour. During that time, no commercial ads will be shown on its seven digital billboard faces, only the message, “Pause and Reflect.’’ (An image of the billboard message is shown at left.)

In the Greater Boston market, Clear Channel has digital billboards on Interstate 93 in Medford and Stoneham and on Interstate 495 in Lawrence. A digital billboard typically shows a rotation of about eight ads, with each ad shown for several seconds before being replaced by the next ad in the rotation. Some of these billboards have two faces, with each face capable of showing an ad. For a billboard along a busy highway, one face can show an ad to traffic coming in one direction, the other face showing a different ad to traffic coming in the opposite direction.


For a period on Sunday morning, these billboard faces will show a single message — “Pause and Reflect.’’ That message will be shown from 8:46 in the morning until 10:03. That was the time period during which four hijacked airliners crashed on the original 9/11, Clear Channel said.

This local initiative is part of a national effort. Nationwide, more than 450 of Clear Channel’s digital billboards in 23 markets will display the “Pause & Reflect’’ message, the company said.

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