Winthrop man charged with drunk boating in crash that killed woman

HINGHAM – A Winthrop man pleaded not guilty today to charges he was drunk Saturday night when he steered his power boat into a moored sailboat, a collision that fatally injured a Winthrop woman who was thrown from his boat, according to a Hull police report.

Lloyd W. Thompson, 39, appeared in Hingham District Court today where he pleaded not guilty to charges of operating a boat while drunk and negligent homicide. Bail was set at $1,500 cash.

According to Hull police, one of Thompson’s passengers, Regina Mosher of Winthrop, died this weekend at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston from a brain injury sustained when she flew out of Thompson’s boat after impact.


Thompson is accused of piloting the 24-foot power boat Captain Jack into a moored sailboat near Hull’s Spinnaker Island shortly before midnight Saturday.

In all, 10 people were on board as Thompson steered the boat towards the Hull Saltwater Club, a trip he told police he had made many times before during his 17 years as an oceangoing pleasure boat sailor.

Thompson told police he noticed the sailboat in front of him at the last minute and tried to avoid the crash by “turning hard to port and throttling back.’’

“But it was too late,’’ Thompson told police.

Mosher and a second woman were thrown into the water. According to police, Thompson maneuvered the boat to quickly rescue the first woman. Within 10 minutes, Mosher was also back on board the boat, police said.

According to police, Thompson told them the boat was travelling at 17 knots — or about 19 miles per hour — at the time of the collision. He also said he did not see the channel markers before the crash.

“Honestly, no, I don’t remember laying eyes on them,’’ Thompson told police.

Thompson allegedly admitted to police he had been drinking alcohol, but he insisted it was a small number — “two or three tops’’ — of drinks.


After the crash, police recovered empty beer bottles, an empty wine box, and empty wine glasses from Thompson’s boat.

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