Boston woman charged with neglect after baby found in locked car in Roxbury

A Boston woman was charged with criminal neglect of a child after residents and Boston police found her infant sitting in her car seat inside a parked car in Roxbury this morning.

The woman was identified by police as Idalia Grant, 27, of Boston.

According to police, a resident from the 2200 block of Washington Street in Roxbury alerted an officer on foot patrol that a baby was locked in a car, and that the windows were all rolled up.

The officer arrived and found an infant “crying loudly and sweating heavily’’ inside the car.

Using a “slim-jim,’’ police opened the door and handed the child to Boston Emergency Medical Services personnel for a check up.


At about that time, Grant showed up at the scene.

Police said she “began hysterically crying and stating that she forgot that she had left her child in the car. ‘’

Grant allegedly told police she had left her child inside the car for as long as 30 minutes.

The child was transported to the Boston Medical Center for treatment and evaluation purposes, police said.

The Roxbury incident came a day after a 13-month-old boy was found lifeless in day care van parked in a Dorchester neighborhood. Police are investigating the incident.

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