Enrollment level in question at Dorchester day care where toddler who died was supposed to be

State officials tonight revised earlier statements about enrollment at a Dorchester day-care center where a 17-month-old was supposed to be present on the day he was found lifeless and alone in a van.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Early Education and Care said new information provided to the agency suggested that as many as five children may have been enrolled in a recently opened child-care center run by Yohanna Tejeda in her home at 1 Trinity Terrace.

Earlier in the day, the department’s acting general counsel, Carmel Sullivan, had said in an e-mail that, as far as the agency knew, “there were no other children attending’’ the day-care center other than Gabriel Josh-Cazir Pierre. A day-care van driver should have ferried the toddler to Tejeda’s facility Monday morning, but he allegedly forgot the child was aboard and left Gabriel for up to six hours in the sweltering van.


Tonight, Kathleen Hart, spokeswoman for the early education department, reported that Associated Early Care and Education, the nonprofit that coordinates care and transportation for hundreds of Boston children, said administrative records show five children had been placed at Tejeda’s day care, including Gabriel. But the spokeswoman said state officials could not independently verify that assertion tonight.

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