Visible Measures raises $13m in Series D round

Visible Measures, a Boston company that provides analytics and other services for companies that advertise through so-called social video, said it has secured a Series D round of financing for $13 million.

The round was led by DAG Ventures with participation from new strategic partner Advance Publications Inc., owners of Conde Nast, Visible Measures said in a press release.

Also participating in the round were existing investors General Catalyst Partners, Mohr Davidow Ventures, and Northgate Capital. To date, Visible Measures has raised more than $45 million in total financing.

One service that Visible Measures offers to such corporate advertisers as Procter & Gamble, Unilver, and Toshiba is providing them with metrics to help measure the effectiveness of their video ads online.


Say, for example, a consumer who owns a dog Googles the subject “dog walking’’ to find information about this activity on the Internet.

After selecting an article on dog walking, the consumer might be presented with the opportunity to watch a video ad for dog food, delivered by Visible Measures’ ad technology. The ad technology allows consumers to choose to watch the video ad, instead of being interrupted by it. Visible Measures can not only provide the dog food company with information about how many consumers clicked on to its ad but also on how many viewers recommended that ad to a friend.

In social video parlance, such word-of-mouth recommendations are known as earned media, and earned media is deemed to be of high value to advertisers.

The company’s press release included a statement from Andrew Siegel, a senior vice president at Advance Publications.

The kind of analytics that Visible Measures is providing “will be the catalyst to shift billions of TV ad dollars online over time,’’ Siegel said. “Visible Measures is uniquely positioned to deliver Google-style ROI measurement across the increasingly sought-after segment known as earned media.’’

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