Deval Patrick’s son-in-law knows his way around the kitchen

We know this about Governor Deval Patrick’s new son-in-law: He can cook. Appearing on WTKK-FM today, the governor dished a little on Marco Morgese, the man who married his daughter, Sarah Baker Patrick, earlier this month. The couple, you’ll recall, got hitched at Patrick’s “Sweet P Farm’’ in Richmond Sept. 5, and the governor presided at the ceremony. Speaking on the radio yesterday, Patrick had this to say about Morgese: “He’s Italian. I mean, Italian Italian, from Rome.’’ He added that his new son-in-law once served in the Italian military and, yes, “He cooks fabulously.’’ The governor said the ceremony reduced the entire family to tears. “Our youngest daughter was busting my chops all week about how I wasn’t going to be able to hold it together, and the first one to fall apart was her, followed by Diane, and shortly thereafter by me,’’ he said.



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