Proposed law would eliminate statute of limitations on sex abuse cases

Elected officials and anti-child abuse activists pushing to eliminate the statute of limitations on sex abuse cases met in front of the State House this morning to encourage state lawmakers to bring their bill to a vote.

“All we’re asking is that when kids grow up and want to confront their abuser, they get a fair fight,’’ said Carmen Durso, an attorney who has represented child sex abuse victims in Boston.

The group of about 50 people met in advance of a hearing in the State House that will take place this afternoon, where high-profile sex abuse victims such as tennis star Heather Connor and former NFL linebacker Al Chesley will testify about the decades it took for them to come forward about their experiences.


“I was told to never, ever, ever tell, so it was pretty ingrained in me,’’ Connor said. “I’m speaking for others who can’t speak. It’s not easy to come forward.’’


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