‘Suspicious device’ at Green Line station turns out to be coffee maker

The suspicious device discovered this morning at the MBTA’s Riverside station turned out to be a harmless coffee maker, MBTA Transit Police said. Now police are investigating how it got there.

The discovery of the appliance prompted officials to close the station, shunt commuters onto shuttle buses, and summon the bomb squad.

Transit Police Lieutenant David Albanese told WBZ-AM that the coffee maker’s power cord ran through a vent into a secure cleaner’s room. He said the device was inside the fare gates and placed on a piece of cement so it would be about chest-high.

He said the device appeared to be a coffee maker but it was in a “very suspicious spot.’’ He also said officials didn’t know whether it was emitting something into the air, and MBTA workers told them they had not hooked it up.


“It was absolutely suspicious, and we always err on the side of caution to safeguard the citizens of the Commonwealth,’’ he told WBZ.

He said his department’s intelligence unit was now probing how the device got there.

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