‘Fairhaven’ teaser highlights Mass. town

There’s a teaser online for “Fairhaven,’’ the movie that was filmed in the real town of Fairhaven this past winter. The footage — which highlights some fantastic local scenery — features star and director Tom O’Brien, his co-star and longtime friend Chris Messina (of “Julie & Julia), Rich Sommer (of “Mad Men’’), and actresses Alexie Gilmore and Sarah Paulson. The story focuses on O’Brien’s character, who begins to question the meaning of life and happiness after hearing Tom Brady talk about his Super Bowl wins. Based on what we see in the video, it’s a moody film with comedy, friendship, drama — and a lot of New England beauty. O’Brien, who’s from Medford, tells us that he’ll be submitting the movie to festivals soon.


Fairhaven Trailer for Tom from Nick Houy on Vimeo.

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