MBTA launches ad campaign urging riders to be more courteous

“Man gives up seat for pregnant woman! — Red Line passengers witness display of good manners’’ “Woman covers mouth while sneezing! — Germs stay put, don’t get a free ride’’ “Passenger refrains from loud cell phone conversation! — Others will not get to hear about dermatologist appointment’’

Those are some of the facetious headlines featured in a new ad campaign launched by the MBTA encouraging people to be more courteous as they ride subway cars and buses.

Five different signs are being posted this week, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said in a statement.

Pesaturo said Jonathan Davis, the general manager, a daily user, asked the authority’s marketing department to develop the campaign.


The ads have the kicker line: “Courtesy shouldn’t be big news.’’

A total of 1,500 signs are being posted, 300 of each sign. Two-thirds of the 1,500 have been posted so far.

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