Baby boomers on board! Special license plate proposed for iconic generation

Are you a baby boomer? There may soon be a license plate for that.

The creation of such a plate was proposed by Representative Sarah Peake, a Provincetown Democrat, and was discussed today at a hearing held by the Joint Committee on Transportation at the State House.

The idea, which was brought to Peake by the director of the Harwich Council on Aging, is to raise money for the services the aging baby boom generation requires.

The special plates would cost about $30, and proceeds would be deposited in a special fund in the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

The design for the plate would be chosen after a contest that would be judged by five people appointed by the Secretary of Elder Affairs. The Census Bureau defines baby boomers as those born between 1946 and 1964.


“When we were in elementary school, they had to build additional schools to accommodate us,’’ said Peake, who was born in 1957. “When we were in college, they had to build additional residence halls to accommodate us. Now that we’re graying, we’re going to have to look at what the level of elder service is that were able to provide to aging baby boomers.’’

A certain number of plates must be pre-purchased before they are minted, preventing any monetary losses for the Commonwealth due to lack of interest, Peake said. She is unsure when the committee will vote on the bill.

Several other special plates are also being considered, including plates for paratroopers, firefighters, and Bronze Star recipients.

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